6 Areas of Humanitarian Focus

6 areas of humanitarian focusThe work of Rotary begins in the community, and every community has its own unique needs and concerns. While we serve in countless ways, we’ve focused our efforts in six key areas to maximize our impact. These areas encompass some of the world’s most critical and widespread humanitarian needs.

Rotary members planning new service projects are encouraged to consider these areas and the many opportunities for innovative projects within them. This publication introduces each area and suggests how Rotary clubs and districts and their service partners can address these needs both locally and internationally.

And at this year’s Rotary Uncorked conference, we are uncorking the 6 areas of focus!


Water & Sanitation

waterHear about @WaterTrends with Doug Vallery

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@WaterTrends is a Twitter social media feed that is an internationally recognized daily source of English language news on global water issues. A member of the Global Water Partnership, @WaterTrends is dedicated to water literacy and the sharing of water experiences around the world. 


Maternal & Child Health

Saving mothers and children Hear about: Bridge to Health with Bill Cherniak

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Founded in Toronto, Bridge to Health Medical and Dental is comprised of a passionate group of medical and dental professionals brought together by a common desire to help provide healthcare to those in tremendous need. Our aim is to provide sustainable healthcare in a cost effective manner and have a lasting impact on the communities we serve.


Basic Education & Literacy

Supporting educationHear about: The Free Reading Program with Heather Lennie

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The Free Reading Program provides an effective literacy program for children that has a social media twist that helps the sponsor too. We partner with organizations looking to improve literacy in their community or around the world.


Peace & Conflict Prevention & Resolution

Promoting peace Hear about Hope for the World Productions with Thanh Campbell

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 Hope for the World Productions is the publisher for Orphan 32, the memoir for Thanh Campbell.  It is also the umbrella organization for all of Mr.Campbell’s family of companies, Our Ambitious City Show, Magazine and Bus Tour.  The Superkid Party Company and Hope for the World Speakers are also branches of the parent company.  HWP’s mandate is to bring the light of Hope around the World.


Disease Prevention & Treatment

Fighting diseaseHear about: Dignitas in Malawi with Chuck Taylor (Rotarian) & Heather Johnston (CEO of Dignitas)

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Dignitas International is a medical and research organization dedicated to improving health care for people facing a high burden of disease and unequal access to services. We are committed to working with patients, health workers, researchers and policymakers to tackle the barriers to health care.

Rotary Club of Uxbridge has lead two Global Grant projects which are in cooperation with Dignitas in Malawi.


Economic & Community Development

economic and community developmentHear about: The Toronto Bee Collective & Buzzz Honey Products with Kathleen Davies

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The Toronto Beekeepers Collective (TBC) is a collective dedicated to learning about bees and beekeeping, providing public education around bees, involving ourselves in political advocacy on behalf of bees.

Buzzz Honey began with two hives at Chesterfield Farm with sisters Jill and Kathleen Davies, and has quickly expanded into 10+ hives producing honey and related products, such as skin creams.

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