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Kathleen Davies

FullSizeRender (4)Kathleen Davies
Co-Founder, Buzzz Honey Products

Kathleen is an oboist, music teacher and beekeeper. She works with the Toronto Beekeeping Collective and has a beekeeping business with her sister called Buzzz Honey Products, based just outside of Ottawa, where she spends most of the summer, tending the bees and making skincare products from the products of the hive and garden. In her spare time, she likes to volunteer at the Toronto Humane Society with the naughty cats, ride her bike and garden.

Organization in Focus:

Buzzz Honey Products & Toronto Bee Keeping Collective

buzzz honey

Buzzz Honey began with two hives at Chesterfield Farm with sisters Jill and Kathleen Davies, and has quickly expanded into 10+ hives producing honey and related products, such as skin creams. The bees are kept according to organic practices and forage in clean unspoiled gardens, fields and forests, bringing in a wide variety of pollens and nectars to produce the fragrant honeys. Each harvest has a unique taste and colour according to the flower origins and season.

The Toronto Beekeepers Collective (TBC) is a collective dedicated to learning about bees and beekeeping, providing public education around bees, involving ourselves in political advocacy on behalf of bees. We are also responsible for the care of our shared hives throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

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