3 days / 6 talks
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October 25-27

Breakout Session

Global Water Shortage and how Rotary can help.

Throughout the world water scarcity will increase and will become more prevalent with the effects of climate change. Without acceptable water quality and sufficient quantity humans simply cannot live. Industry and the public compete for scarce freshwater resources. Many organizations are dedicated to helping the public in the developing world secure safe potable water. The Rotary club with its extensive global network of local organizations can play a pivotal and unique role in fulfilling the rights of every global Citizen to have access to safe water. This discussion highlights how we can apply the lessons of the Rotary efforts towards polio eradication to securing water for the world. 

Richard Brulotte

Richard is a graduate of chemical engineering from the University of Waterloo in 1986. For virtually all of his professional life he has worked with Nalco Company for the last 32 years, in a variety of field engineering positions, field management positions and field technical support. His focus was in the heavy industrial market segment where Nalco helped industry to minimize the inherent negative characteristics of water chemistry on industrial production processes and also helped to reduce water consumption and allow industry to recycle and reuse water. Part of the scope of his activities included conditioning process waters to be acceptable for return to the environment.

One of the main strategic focuses for Nalco today is to help reduce industry demands for water because supply will diminish throughout the world and that is something that is going to be amplified by climate change.