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October 25-27

Breakout Session

OF TWO MINDS: Workplace Mental Health in the Era of Artificial Intelligence.

The world is crossing an historic bridge spanning human and artificial intelligence – two minds, one human, one not. Can we keep them both healthy? Dr. Bill Wilkerson, executive chairman of Mental Health International, and professor of International Mental Health at McMaster University in Hamilton, will present some clarity on the subject.

Dr. Bill Wilkerson, LL. D (Hon)
Executive Chairman, Mental Health International

ON NOVEMBER 20, 2015, McMaster University, pre-eminent Canadian institution of higher learning and among the top 100 universities in the world, conferred upon Bill an Honorary Doctor of Law, its highest recognition, for his work in the mental health field since 1998.

It was that year that Bill co-founded the Global Business and Economic Roundtable on Addiction and Mental Health which he led for 13 years, closing its doors to launch Mental Health International in order to mobilize European corporations in a campaign to reduce the impact of depression in workplaces across Europe.

In March of 2017, McMaster named Bill the Industry Professor of International Mental Health. This is the first of such academic positions in Canada.

Bill has been working on mental health issues since 1999 with the late Michael Wilson, Canada’s former Minister of Finance and Ambassador to the United States, Michael and Bill developed and published the first-ever ‘Business Plan to Defeat Depression’ in 2000 in association with the (then) Dean of Health Sciences at McMaster University. It attracted national attention in Canada and news coverage in the US and Europe having been released in Geneva at the World Health Organization. The two also calculated the economic impact of mental illness, a first at that time.

Bill now serves as Chairman of the European Business Leadership Forum for Workplace Mental Health and its campaign to ‘Target the Impact of Depression’ and has traveled to 20 European capitals in 24 months to recruit major employers with more than a 1.5 million employees in an unprecedented business-led campaign.

Bill is a Founding Fellow of the Institute for Mental Health at the University of British Columbia, serves as General Chairman of the (to date) six-part (Washington, Ottawa, Boston, Toronto (2), Denver) US/Canada Forum on Mental Health and Productivity.

Bill has spoken widely not only to business and scientific organizations but also to caregivers, teachers, police, military and first responders across Canada, the United States and now Europe. Wilkerson was the one and only sworn civilian adviser to the RCMP on mental health issues facing Canada’s national police force.

Bill Wilkerson’s professional career spans business, journalism, broadcasting, the arts, major league sports and government service.

At the time of Michael Wilson’s death, they were working on what they agreed would be their valedictory report on workplace mental health – entitled, ‘Mental Health in the Era of Artificial Intelligence.’ Yet unfinished, Bill will complete and publish the report this spring in association with McMaster and several major scientific institutions.

Texts of speeches and report authored by Bill on workplace mental health, brain health in a brain economy, suicide prevention, advancements in understanding and treating schizophrenia, mental health in the military and law enforcement, the mental health teachers, daycare providers and others in ’care service’ roles can be found at,, and