2 days / 8 talks
Awesome and inspiring speakers

October 21-22
Writer. Educator. Artist.

Kim Katrin Milan

A daughter of the diaspora, Venezuelan Arawak, West African, Indian; born in the caribbean living currently between New York & Toronto.

Hailing from Trinidad and living between Toronto and New York, Kim Katrin Milan is an award winning and internationally acclaimed educator, writer, artist, activist, consultant and social entrepreneur. She is focused on Individual and community empowerment. She is recognized stateside as one of The Root’s ‘Young Feminists to Watch’, celebrated in Canada as 2016’s National Youth Role Model and nationally as one of the 50 Most Loved Gay Canadians.

Since 2012, Kim has spoken at over 30 universities throughout Canada and the US to thousands of students, community members and educators. A passionate and detailed speaker, she is dedicated to inclusivity and invested in peaking a sense of curiosity and empathy in her audience. With great openness, she has welcomed difficult conversations hosting community dialogues and sharing practical strategies. Kim will challenge us to re-imagine intersectional issues including race, ability and gender.



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